H.A.L.O. Matches Animals and People
We work with this community, and with local city and county shelters rescuing cats and dogs, holding adoptions, and providing educational materials on animal care. We are a non-profit, charitable organization. We assist dogs and cats, and their owners in this community. Perhaps your life takes an abrupt turn. You are forced to move and must find a home for your faithful companion. Friends and family have not been successful in helping you; Your dog or cat has been neutered and shots are current. You could contact a H.A.L.O. representative through our email: contacthalo@yahoo.com, or by calling H.A.L.O. voicemail at 925-473-4642.  Next, we would contact you and arrange for you to bring your dog/cat to us for an evaluation to see if he/she is a good fit for our adoption program. If he/she is, we may be able to fit him/her into a foster home. If no foster home is available we may assist you in finding a home by listing your pet on our website and helping you show him/her. We will work with you in finding a new, safe and loving home for your pet. This example demonstrates just one type of dilemma faced by families. We seek solutions to a variety of problems is this community.
H.A.L.O. is also committed to educating the community about the proper treatment of animals. Our animals have visited local schools to help educate the children on the proper way to handle cats and dogs and on treating animals with kindness. We also operate Angel Ears therapy dog program, where our certified dogs help to raise children's reading scores and visit nursing homes and hospitals to raise patients' spirits.

 For more information about our Angel Ears click HERE.
We work to improve the lives of companion animals in East Contra Costa County through educational workshops, adoption events, and collaboration with other community groups.  
Our Mission:
Our Vision:
  • Our Shelters will no longer find it necessary to euthanize healthy, tame, adoptable dogs and cats.
  • A loving home will be available for every companion animal.
  • Pet abandonment and "dumping" will cease.
  • All pet owners will have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered.
  • The number of feral cats will reduce significantly, and those that are present will all be neutered, and cared for, for the remainder of their lives.
  • Every child will be taught that animals have value, and that they are feeling, living beings who enhance our existence on this earth. 

Logan - Adopted Dec 2020
Gigi Boss
Marketing/Events Coordinator
Interim Dog Program Manager
Our board members are local citizens, come from a broad variety of backgrounds, and share a deep commitment to this community and a lifelong compassion for animals.

The diversity of our board brings multiple perspectives on how to respond to the homeless pet population in our community.
Board of Directors
Verlene Leonardo
Vice President/Director
Starlyne Thompson

Jessica Lynn
Assistant Event Coordinator
Lea Nichols
East Contra Costa County
Homeless Animals Lifeline Organization

Amanda Wilson
Pat Wilson
​Nancy Newlin
Cat Program Manager