1) Take a look through our online listings of available pets below.  

You'll see contact information on each animal so that you can call or E-mail a H.A.L.O. representative for more information 
2) Complete an adoption application.

For your convenience, you can download an application, print, fill out at home, and bring with you to our adoption events.  Forms are also available on-site at adoptions.

For dog, email: 
Or fax to: 925-626-7040

Helpful Dog Adoption Tips
  • Single Family Home: Bring photos of fenced in yard (6' fence), clean of foxtail weeds.
  • Condo/Apartment: Bring photos of patio or balcony.
  • Renters: Bring copy of lease or landlord letter of permission for pets.
  • Children must be present at time of adoption. HALO does not adopt to families with children under 5 unless we know the history of the dog with children.
  • Bring your dog(s) so they can meet.

Helpful Cat Adoption Tips
  • Cats are indoor only.
  • De-clawing is prohibited!
  • Renters: Bring copy of lease or landlord letter of permission for pets.
East Contra Costa County
Homeless Animals Lifeline Organization

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For a listing of available pet you view through the Petfinder portal below. Please note that Petfinder sometimes has delays in updating. 

Please try the adopt-a pet link as well:

Saturdays 12-3 pm
4th Sunday of the month
5481 Lone Tree Way, Brentwood
Antioch, CA      
Slatten Ranch Plaza
1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month
  12-3 pm  cats
Sundays 12-3 pm  cats
Sundays 12-3 pm cats
Antioch, CA      
Slatten Ranch Plaza
Saturdays  12-3 pm  cats 
2nd Sunday of the month
 12-3 pm  Dogs