For your convenience, you can download an application, print, fill out at home, and bring with you to our adoption events. Forms are also available on-site at adoptions.

For more information on available pets please contact us at

Helpful Dog Adoption Tips
  • Single Family Home: Bring photos of fenced in yard (6' fence), clean of foxtail weeds.
  • Condo/Apartment: Bring photos of patio or balcony.
  • Renters: Bring copy of lease or landlord letter of permission for pets.
  • Children must be present at time of adoption. HALO does not adopt to families with children under 5 unless we know the history of the dog with children.
  • Bring your dog(s) so they can meet.

Helpful Cat Adoption Tips
  • Cats are indoor only.
  • De-clawing is prohibited!
  • Renters: Bring copy of lease or landlord letter of permission for pets.
East Contra Costa County
Homeless Animals Lifeline Organization

For a listing of available pet you can view through the Petfinder portal below. Please note that Petfinder sometimes has delays in updating. 

Please try the adopt-a pet link as well:
Max is a loving male Chihuahua/mix, born 5/4/10 and weighs 17.99lbs. We adopted Max out to a lovely lady in 2010 and he had a wonderful life with her but then she became very ill and couldn’t take him with her. Max loves to play tug-a-war with his toy and he always wants to win. Max loves sleeping with you and will cuddle under the covers when he gets cold. He is house trained on potty pads but prefers to go outside to do his business and knows how to use a doggy door. He gets along very well with the other dogs and the indoor cat. Max just wants to be around you and love on you; he will chew on your hand a little to get your attention, but never hurts you. You tell him to go get his toy and he will. He enjoys chewing on his cow hoove when he is just lying around. Max would enjoy someone that will have time for him; take him for car rides and take him on his daily walks. He enjoys sunbathing for a little bit outside but doesn’t want to be left outdoors all the time; Max wants to be an indoor dog so he can feel wanted and loved. He would love to be with a family without SMALL CHILDREN full time, they make him very nervous. He really is a lover and would love to go home with you. He promise to be devoted to you and love you more than you can love him back.
Duke is a love bug male Chihuahua born 7/8/2012. This big love bug is just that, he is full of cuddles and rubs. He loves to play with his toys with you or chew on his cow hoove. Duke doesn't really like being around other dogs, he wants you to himself. We think that he was kept outdoors most of the time because he won't stay outside without you; he loves being in the house with you and his family. He enjoys going for car rides and for short walks, due to his weight he is walking short distances for now to lose some and doing very well. He most likely ate people food and maybe lots of treats to put on this weight or he just layed around all the time. Duke will just come up to you and lie next to your feet and hope to get some loving from you; he really is hoping to get belly rubs. Duke is just starving for love and attention and he really deserves it because he is a great dog; we don't think that he got much of it before. He sleeps well in his crate and loves to sleep with you near your bed or in your bed. He is housetrained on the potty pads now and always uses them, but he will also go outside. If you have children he would like them to be 8 years of age or older so that they won't be so rough on him. He doesn't like to be left at home all day alone, being alone for a few hours would be fine or a stay at home parent would be great for him. Duke is ready to go to his new home and get lots of love.
The adopt fees for all three are being sponsored. All HALO animals come spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. Contact us for more information.
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In person adoptions are currently being held at 
Pet Food Express 
10:00 am - 1:30 pm
on the First Saturday of each month and the
Second Saturday and Sunday of each month.